SENG101 - Computer Programming I

Prof.Dr. Hayri Sever

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Description: An introduction to the basic concepts of software and hardware is provided. Knowledge related to computer programming will be detailed out. It will equip students with the basic knowledge and skills in computer programming and enable them to pick up any programming languages by themselves.  Various interesting and classical problems will be taken as examples to learn C language.

Course Objectives:

  • The primary objective of this course is to prepare students on how to use C language to do small to medium projects working individually.

  • The depth and rigor of the course will be more than the scope of introduction of C programming. After finishing this course, students are expected to be able to describe and implement programmed solutions to challenging and classical problems using procedural programming paradigm.

  • Throughout the lectures, exercises, homeworks, and projects, students are expected to master the C programming language.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Midterm 20%,
  • Lab Work 20%,
  • Quiz: 5%,
  • Attendancy: 5%,
  • Participation: 5%,
  • Final  30%, and
  • Hws 15%.